Piaget watches are precious instruments requiring proper care and regular servicing to ensure their accuracy and extend their lifespan. In this section, we provide you with a few simple tips for taking care of your watch. Piaget specialists in our boutiques are at your disposal to provide you with personalised maintenance advice.


Nine simple tips to keep your watch running perfectly and looking its best.

  • luxury watch winding

    Even if you are not planning on wearing your watch, you should still wind mechanical hand-wound and manual-winding watches regularly to prevent the lubricating oil from drying out.

    • For a manual-winding watch, turn the crown until it resists, without forcing it. 
    • For a self-winding (automatic) watch, we recommend at least 20 turns of the crown.
  • luxury watch battery signal

    Avoid leaving a flat battery in a quartz watch. Without being visible on the outside, it could still leak and cause serious damage to the movement.

  • luxury watch magnetism caution

    Magnetic fields can affect the correct operation of your watch. 

    Avoid placing your watch too near objects using magnets, such as TVs, Hi-Fi equipment, microwaves, and even handbag clasps.

    In case of doubt, you can have your watch checked by taking it to a Piaget boutique or retailer.

  • luxury watch cleaning

    You can keep your water-resistant watch and its metal bracelet clean with soapy water. Afterwards, rinse and dry it with a soft cloth. This simple gesture limits the abrasive or corrosive effects of chlorine, seawater, dust and cosmetics. Avoid letting leather straps come into contact with water.

  •  luxury watch shocks protection

    We do not recommend wearing your watch while practising activities that may lead to strong vibrations and impacts. We also recommend protecting your watch from sudden temperature changes.

  • luxury watch date adjustment

    Do not adjust the date on your watch between 9.00 pm and 3.00 am, to avoid damaging the date change mechanism.

  •  luxury watch storage

    When not wearing your luxury watch, make sure it is correctly stored away from humidity (e.g. bathrooms) and UV exposure, either in its original box or in a Piaget travel pouch (available from boutiques), to protect it from scratches.

  • luxury watch water resistance

    With the exception of a few specific models, including vintage ones, Piaget watches are designed and crafted to be water-resistant. However, you should not activate your watch’s functions (e.g. chronograph) when you are in the water.

  • luxury watch and leather straps care

    A leather strap is a natural handcrafted product that requires particular care.

    To provide maximum protection for your leather strap, avoid: 

    • Contact with water or exposure to high humidity,
    • extended UV exposure,
    • contact with cosmetics or oily products.


As a client and member of the Piaget community, you have the privilege of benefiting from a quick and personalised inspection of your watch in our Piaget boutique.

Piaget luxury watch and jewellery store


We inspect the exterior of your watch, checking it for potential scratches, impact marks, and traces of dust and discolouration.

Piaget luxury watch check-up


We use a special device to check that it is keeping perfect time, and to suggest the required intervention if necessary.

Piaget luxury watch magnetisation control


A magnetised watch will not run correctly. We check for magnetisation with a device that can also correct the problem.

Piaget luxury watch functional control


We check all functions, such as setting time and date with the crown, and activating a chronograph with the pushers.