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Altiplano Ultimate Concept

The Altiplano Ultimate Concept is not just an ultra-thin watch. As elegant as it is innovative, it houses one of the world's thinnest hand-wound mechanical movement. A feat that now more than ever reasserts Piaget's motto: "Always do better than necessary".

Piaget ultra-thin Swiss watch

Since the creation of the historic Calibre 9P in 1957, Piaget has continuously pushed back the frontiers of possibility in the realm of ultra-thin luxury watches. A masterpiece of miniaturisation, this Swiss watch is the product of a perfect fusion of Piaget's areas of expertise. Thus, the Manufacture in La Côte-aux-Fées, where the movements were developed, and the Manufacture in Plan-les-Ouates, tasked with housing the movements, have collaborated to bring technical innovation to the service of absolute elegance, drawing on decades of creativity, daring and watchmaking mastery that form Piaget's own unique heritage.

Piaget ultra-thin mechanical watch
Currently the world's thinnest mechanical watch

It took four years of research and development to make this exceptional ultra-thin mechanical watch a reality. Watchmakers, designers and other case manufacturers worked together to reduce thickness without sacrificing precision or aesthetics. As a result, the Altiplano Ultimate Concept features a new high-tech cobalt-based alloy that makes it possible to combine thinness and solidity. But since it takes unprecedented technical solutions to gain every precious tenth of a millimetre, this new ultra-thin movement also led to the filing of five patents. Completely rethinking the regulating organ, a barrel without a cover or a drum, a control mechanism enabling selective time settings and winding, a telescopic crown that is perfectly integrated into the case middle, more precise placement of the watch glass: the new Altiplano is a proliferation of innovations. And as such, it opens up new technological horizons for micromechanical specialists.

For Piaget, just as the extreme refinement of the elements of an ultra-thin watch must not in any way sacrifice reliability, the same goes for its finishing. As a result, the smallest details of the Altiplano Ultimate Concept align style and technicality. Invoking Piaget's cherished aesthetic codes, the wheels are either engraved with a sunburst motif or circular-grained, while the sunburst satin-finished bevelled bridges are hollowed out to reveal the subtle mechanism of this luxury watch. Machined in its case, the main plate and the caseback are treated with black PVD. Finally, this new Altiplano watch is presented with an ultra-thin 1.1 mm strap in alligator-skin and a kevlar core lined with suede calfskin that give the watch its ultimate touches of elegance. The same touches that make a Piaget ultra-thin watch the very embodiment of chic.