G37P7800 (69329)

Possession long necklace

Necklace G37P7800

This model has been discontinued, you may find all the latest luxury jewellery collections here.

Possession long necklace in 18K pink and white gold.

Pink gold Necklace - Piaget Luxury Jewellery G37P7800

Possession long necklace

You are mine, I am yours. How far can the game of Possession be taken? This deliberately fashionable, fluid long necklace resumes the interlinked circle motif, alternating round and oval-shaped bands. This extravagant-spirited, supply-hanging long necklace continues to toy with duality. Two rings, two colours, playing with asymmetry to imaginatively suggest a loving bond.

Pink gold Necklace - Piaget Luxury Jewellery G37P7800
Type of jewellery:
Pink gold, White gold
Metal weight (gr):
not translated

*Piaget luxury watches and jewellery are individually produced and thus the weight and carats of each product can vary from the displayed data.