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Yara and Piaget

Renowned for their sparkling collections and starry collaborations, illustrious Swiss watchmaker and jeweller, Piaget have announced prominent Arab singer, Yara, as their brand ambassador for the Middle East region. A truly flawless alliance, Piaget and their new ambassador are an idyllic reflection of each other’s values; both flaunt immense elegance and grace rounded off with an air of refinement. Owing to their involvement in various high profile events from international film festivals to the Independent Spirit Awards among others, Piaget shares a mutual relationship of admiration with many celebrities from different fields. With this association, Yara joins the assemblage of notable personalities who have become loyal friends of the brand and will be Piaget’s exclusive representative for the Middle East region, and will attend Piaget events on a regional and international level.

Yara, Piaget's brand ambassador for the Middle East region
Yara and Jean-Marc Shammas with models
Piaget & Yara venue

Speaking out on her collaboration with Piaget, Yara said, “It is common knowledge that most, if not all, women adore jewellery. I am no exception. Needless to say I am overjoyed and honored to have been chosen for this coveted position and it pleased me immensely as I have been a fan of Piaget for years and have bought many diverse designs from the brand. I guess you can say this was a partnership that was destined to be.”

Yara wearing Piaget Rose jewellery
Pink gold Diamond Long necklace - Piaget Luxury Jewellery G37U8400
Piaget Rose long necklace
Pink gold, diamond long necklace
Long necklace G37U8400
Pink gold Diamond Pendant - Piaget Luxury Jewellery G33U0086
Piaget Rose pendant
Pink gold, diamond pendant
Pendant G33U0086
Pink gold Diamond Bracelet - Piaget Luxury Jewellery G36U3200
Piaget Rose bracelet
Pink gold, diamond bracelet
Bracelet G36U3200
Pink gold Diamond Earrings - Piaget Luxury Jewellery G38U0042
Piaget Rose earrings
Pink gold, diamond earrings
Earrings G38U0042

Piaget’s brand manager, Jean-Marc Shammas added, “Yara’s understated elegance, beauty and talent were simply a perfect match with Piaget. We wanted an ambassador that our audience in the Middle East would be able to identify and share similar values with. I am convinced that this will be a very fruitful relationship, one that will see both Piaget and Yara gleam even brighter.”

Singer Yara wearing Possession jewellery
Yellow gold Necklace - Piaget Luxury Jewellery G37P7100
Possession long necklace
Yellow gold long necklace
Necklace G37P7184
Pink gold Diamond Bracelet - Piaget Luxury Jewellery G36P6800
Possession bracelet
Pink gold, diamond bracelet
Bracelet G36P6800
Yellow gold Diamond Ring - Piaget Luxury Jewellery G34PU600
Possession chain motif ring
Yellow gold, diamond chain motif ring
Ring G34PU600
Yellow gold Ring - Piaget Luxury Jewellery G34PU500
Possession chain motif ring
Yellow gold chain motif ring
Ring G34PU500

Topping off her down to earth demeanor with a blend of beauty and talent, Yara is a three time winner of the prestigious Murex D’Or award and undoubtedly a fundamental personality of the world of Arabic music. Popular in the Levant and GCC among all generations, Yara boasts of an affable personality that makes her a delight to watch and a pleasure work with. Currently working on her latest album, Yara is one of the few non-Khaleeji singers who has released albums purely dedicated to Khaleeji music making her a huge success and well-loved among the Khaleeji population. Initiating this elite partnership with a press conference announcing the collaboration, Yara recently shot the first photo shoot of many that she will be undertaking during the course of this alliance.

Yara wearing Possession and Limelight jewellery
Pink gold Diamond Ring - Piaget Luxury Jewellery G34PV600
Possession ring
Pink gold, diamond ring
Ring G34PV600

Creating beautiful images that reflected the spirit of this partnership, the photo shoot revolved around Piaget Possession jewellery, sensual Piaget Rose jewellery and exquisite luxury watch collections. Sporting stunningly diverse looks, Yara faced renowned photographer Roger Moukarzel’s camera for this impressive shoot. Regularly featured in international magazines, Roger Moukarzel proved to be the ideal candidate for this shoot with a vast global experience spanning more than two decades in assorted fields such as fashion, advertising, architecture, and interior design among others. The household name for makeup and beauty, Fady Kataya teamed up with Zakaria from the reputed “Yehia and Zakaria salon,” who was chosen as the hairstylist for the shoot.

Yara wearing Possession jewellery
White gold Diamond Ring - Piaget Luxury Jewellery G34PZ200
Possession ring
Pink gold, white gold, diamond ring
Ring G34PZ200
White gold Diamond Watch - Piaget Luxury Watch G0A36156
Limelight Dancing Light watch
Diamond watch, white gold
Watch G0A36156

Working together, the skillful team fashioned five distinctive looks that merged discreet glamour with elegance and portrayed Yara in a very novel light. Piaget’s radiant watch and jewellery pieces beautifully offset the stylishly relaxed yet sophisticated outfits culminating into a beautiful shoot that embodied the dignified singularity of the brand. Cultivating the brand’s effortlessly timeless image with yet another captivating shoot, the images were an exact representation of the values Piaget is celebrated for. With Yara on board as Piaget’s elite brand ambassador for the Middle East region, Piaget enriches its luxuriant legacy as it continues to forge a close relationship with the region.

Singer Yara unveiled as Piaget’s brand ambassador
Singer Yara and Piaget’s brand manager Jean-Marc Shammas
Singer Yara, Piaget’s brand ambassador