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Piaget Taipei 101 Boutique Opening

Facade of Piaget Boutique in Taipei 101, Taipei, Taiwan.
Piaget watch and jewellery Taipei 101 Boutique
Fine jewellery area in Piaget Taipei 101 Boutique
VIP room of Piaget Taipei 101 Boutique
Piaget Taipei 101 boutique opening with Yves Piaget roses

On April 19th, 2013, prestigious Swiss watch and jewellery brand Piaget celebrated its new concept boutique opening ceremony at one of its new locations in Taipei’s landmark building, the Taipei 101. Mr. Philippe Léopold-Metzger, CEO of Piaget International and Mr. Dimitri Gouten, President of Piaget Asia Pacific especially came to Taiwan to attend the grand opening occasion for celebrating the remarkable moment.

Besides, well-known Asian actress and singer, Gigi Leung was also invited by Piaget to the event as key star to add glamour and elegant touch. At the same night, an exclusive top VIP gala dinner was taken place at Stay Michelin Stars restaurant with grand model show and fantastic performance that light up the night of Taipei 101.

Gigi Leung wearing Piaget Couture Précieuse jewellery
Gigi Leung at the Piaget Taipei 101 boutique opening

This particular Piaget boutique is the first of its kind as it is the foremost boutique to welcome the new concepts of architectural beauty that will bring forth an innovative yet classic experience for Piaget’s patrons. The new boutique is equipped with distinctive style where in every corner fine craftsmanship and elegance live side by side, and discreet elegance with a touch of modern fashion invites guests to deeply understand the core values of Piaget.

The choice of using natural elements with contrasting materials is a way for Piaget to create presentation spaces that are distinct but complementary and harmonious. The stunningly beautiful interior of the new concept boutique is highlighted with points of discovery, with carefully selected unique lighting fixtures to the exquisite design of the large display windows. Each and every aesthetic aspect is Piaget’s homage to the brand’s richness and luxurious spirit, however not losing touch with the perfection in its fine craftsmanship and detailing on the creation of each piece, the main embodiment of Piaget’s image in their high class jewellery and watches.

Piaget is equipping Taipei 101 Boutique with a new architectural concept for which the mandate was awarded to Christine Querlioz, from the Atelier Sasha in Paris. The stunningly beautiful interior design is studded with points of discovery (a pedestal table presenting more accessible innovations, a unit with domed glass displays exhibiting jewellery…), some fascinating surprises (a theatrical sliding display window allowing exhibits to rotate), or a reminder of the company history (scattered photos of the Piaget family, Hollywood celebrities from the 70s, of hand gestures…). Tables made of leather and oak, big draped curtains in gold and smoky grey, carpets with brilliant shimmering effects, lacquer and patina – this omnipresent profusion of elegant monochrome materials contributes to creating an atmosphere that is warm, luxurious and designed to make a visit a moment of pure joy. "I played with the contrast between brilliance and matt everywhere so that the light vibrates and plays with the materials" says architect, Christine Querlioz. This is a whole new, sensory experience that Piaget offers its guests, both masculine and feminine.

Gigi Leung and Philippe Léopold-Metzger
Philippe Léopold-Metzger
Piaget Taipei 101 Boutique opening venue

Christine Querlioz’s new architectural concept is an invitation to embark on an evocative journey through the universe of Piaget. The architecture conveys discreet elegance that is sensed rather than obvious, a tribute to the Swiss identity of the brand. The choice of contrasting materials in gloss and matt, as well as theatrical lighting of exceptional pieces, illuminate another festive and glamorous side of Piaget. Dressed in black and gold, with subtle touches of opulence inspired by the Viennese Secession period, the new architectural concept intensifies a feeling of preciousness and of the meticulous care lavished on the creation of each piece. Symbolising an encounter between understated restraint and seductive aesthetic appeal, this shimmering new setting covers the entire spectrum of nuances composing Piaget’s character.

From the façade covered with black, gold and blue Sicis mosaics to the patinated walls or furniture covered in woven oak, human touches of ingenuity are everywhere and demonstrate Piaget’s deep-felt attachment to traditional skills. In the display window, a large treasure casket with gold-leaf covered ornamental moulding is an open invitation to marvel at Piaget’s creations, and a reminder of the value of crafts that today have almost disappeared, like that of this chain-maker who keeps the models and prototypes received from the workshop masters who preceded him in just such a casket.

Piaget has continuously placed meticulous care into the making and creating of new jewellery pieces and luxury watches to provide their collectors an even more exquisite consumers’ experience. Taipei 101 boutique opening is an invitation for Piaget’s esteemed guests to witness Piaget’s eminent beginning of a new chapter, which also echoes a sense of perfection insisted upon by the brands core values, as well as displaying Piaget’s superior craftsmanship and distinguishing attention to details.

While simultaneously celebrating the opening of Piaget’s new concept boutique, Piaget specially delivered its inimitable Couture Précieuse collection pieces, which launched at SIHH the past January, all the way from Switzerland to Taiwan to display exclusively for Taiwan’s VIP’s appreciation. In addition, the Piaget Rose jewellery collection is once again on display to demonstrate Piaget’s outstanding craftwork genetics and romantic characteristics, which transformed into marvelous pieces of fine jewellery.

Models presenting Piaget High Jewellery at Piaget Taipei 101 Boutique.
Piaget’s models wearing luxury jewellery
Models presenting Piaget High Jewellery at Piaget Taipei 101 Boutique

Taipei 101 Piaget new concept boutique opening ceremony is graced by the participation of sophisticated Asian star Ms. Gigi Leung, who appeared as the esteemed ribbon cutting guest together with the CEO of Piaget International, Mr. Philippe Léopold-Metzger, President of Piaget Asia Pacific, Mr. Dimitri Gouten, and General Manager of Piaget Taiwan, Ms. Grace Liu. Ms. Gigi Leung wore Couture Précieuse collection jewelleries, gracefully radiating an aura of classic and romantic beauty.

Gigi Leung was particularly excited about this event as she happily stated that she had always admired Piaget’s exemplary work and finely crafted jewellery pieces. She is especially fascinated by Piaget’s elegant nobility, which is a characteristic seen throughout all of Piaget’s original and innovative creations.

Gigi Leung at the Piaget Taipei 101 Boutique opening

In response to the jewelleries she wore at this event, Gigi stated, “I felt greatly honored when I found out that I was to wear the Couture Précieuse collection, a collection only released a few months ago and exclusively delivered from Switzerland to Taiwan.

I have learned that the Couture Précieuse collection was inspired by the elements of embroidery on Haute Couture gowns, which allows the piece to become like another layer of skin that is laced with beautiful embroidered diamond flowers. Amidst wearing the collection, I have finally understood the true meaning of how “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”.

Upon witnessing Piaget Taipei 101 boutique opening, Gigi exclaimed, “It is highly luxurious and full of elegance, exceeding a typical luxury store’s model as if it were a welcoming and intimate mansion with distinctive architectural concepts, design ingenuities that can be seen throughout every corner of the boutique, which in turn offers an intimately classy and highly comfortable consumers’ environment.”

To highlight the importance of the opening of Piaget new concept boutique, Piaget had specially ordered and delivered thousands of the brand’s signature Yves Piaget Rose to Taiwan, creating an event full of the alluring and seductive aroma of the unique flower and welcoming Piaget’s VIPs to this grand event.

The gala dinner opened with a tap dancer’s exceptional performance, followed by an astonishing model presentation to interpret Piaget’s high jewellery.

Janet Hsieh, a member of the musical group Rock Symphony who had ever performed at the esteemed National Theater and Concert Hall in Taipei, had also demonstrated her impeccable violin solo performance in the opening act of Piaget’s momentous event.

Yif, a mysterious magical artist who was raised in France, had given his debut performance in luxury event to Piaget through the magical powers of the Yves Piaget Rose, leading guests through an amazing magical journey. Last but not the least, Irene Yeh, a singer gifted with an angelic voice, performed at the notable event and allured the crowd with her charm while singing classical tunes. At the last song in this beautiful night, a mesmerizing ending note gestures to the finale of a significant event magnificently orchestrated by Piaget.

Janet Hsieh at Taipei 101 Piaget boutique opening