Piaget Society

Michelle Chen in Los Angeles

Michelle Chen wearing Limelight Garden Party diamond jewellery

Awash in the clean, white warmth of the sun and a gentle, refreshing breeze, the City of Angels welcomes the quiet arrival of spring. At the invitation of Piaget, the renowned Swiss purveyor of luxury watches and jewellery and one of the main sponsors of the Independent Spirit Awards, Michelle Chen has crossed half the globe for this premier international film event. While in Los Angeles, she will showcase the elegance of the Limelight Garden Party jewellery collection in a glamorous photo shoot, the brilliance of her ensembles every bit as breathtaking as those of the Hollywood stars in attendance.

Michelle, who studied at the University of Southern California not too long ago, has also taken this trip as an opportunity to revisit old friends and familiar haunts. Clearly excited to be back in the city she knows so well, Michelle eagerly shares stories of her college days with members of the Piaget contingent, her aura of stardom receding temporarily to that of an innocent, young girl. Her bright laughter, on the other hand – friendly and disarming – shines through as strong as ever.

Michelle Chen wearing Possession white gold jewellery
Michelle Chen wearing Limelight Garden Party high jewellery

For the photo shoot, Piaget invited famed photographer Tommy Chen to capture Michelle at the Beverly Hills L'Ermitage Hotel. Michelle will wear jewellery from the Limelight Garden Party collection, each of whose pieces is named after a rose and features sparkling diamonds in varying styles. Those chosen for Michelle highlight a refreshing elegance, allowing her to appear alternately sweet and sophisticated, like a garden fairy called forth by magic. The beauty of the Piaget collection perfectly complements her nature, reflecting the allure of one of the world's top jewellery brands.

The inspiration for this glamorous engagement with Piaget is evident throughout the shoot and highlights the multiple aspects of Michelle’s persona. Donning a long, red chiffon dress and simple yet elegant jewellery from the Piaget Possession collection, Michelle gives off a delightful femininity and theatrical flair, somewhat in contrast to the sweet and innocent image that is her trademark.

Changing into a pleated spring green gown, she emanates a more cultured air, enhanced by a magical Limelight Cocktail ring featuring a colored gemstone flower. Finally, shoulders bare in a white ruffle cocktail dress, accentuated by the top-of-the-line Limelight Garden Party jewellery, she looks every bit the elegant princess. There is no denying: she is a bloom in its prime.

While in Hollywood, attending one of its most grand events, Michelle remains open to the many experiences the occasion has to offer, eagerly looking forward to the promise of her own future. Here in Los Angeles, glorious City of Angels, ever changing and full of miracles, Michelle Chen and Piaget have united to capture the other’s magnificence, both as gorgeous as the springtime flowers in bloom.

Michelle Chen wearing Possession necklace and Limelight Cocktail ring