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Hao Lei - Cannes 2012

Hao Lei wearing Piaget high jewellery
Hao Lei on a series of Grand Films of Piaget watches and jewels at Cannes 2012 Film Festival
Hao Lei glitters at Cannes 2012 Film Festival with Piaget white gold and diamond earrings and ring

At the classic moments, when the most outstanding ones are being lauded, things glamorous will always be seen gently dancing in the light and shadows, leaving indelible memories of love and beauty in people’s minds. This year, at Cannes, the famed film festival became a dazzling occasion once again. The presence of the renowned swiss watchmaker and jeweller Piaget added a further glorious touch to the grand gala of motion pictures.

In mid-summer, when the best films around the world were being played against the soft background music, Piaget, the long-time friend of film art, picked up the joyful tempo to compose another magnificent piece of music in the name of love and beauty. At the film festival, Piaget collaborated with well-known Chinese movie actress Hao Lei on a series of Grand Films of Piaget watches and jewels. The series was shot by the famed photographer Cliff Chen, who artfully captured the elegant spirit of these masterpieces.

Wearing a deep V-neck apricot full-length gown, Hao Lei gracefully showed the captivating elegance of a mature and independent woman. Piaget Limelight Garden Party earrings softly dangled by her face with enchanting sparkles of diamonds, while the simplistic and fluid contours of Piaget white gold necklace and Piaget Rose ring created sensual echoes with the iridescent diamonds, highlighting her feminine body curves.

“I love Piaget and appreciate its unique elegance. The first collaboration has given me a further feeling of ‘warmth’. Piaget jewels became a natural part of me and the wearing experience touched my heart with a sense of happiness. And the motto of Piaget, ‘Always do better than required’, echoes perfectly well with my passions and persistence in pursuing the film art!”

Enjoying the Piaget Limelight Garden Party, Hao Lei shared her love for Piaget…

Piaget’s connection with the film world is far beyond this. From Independent Spirit Awards in the United States to Hong Kong Film Awards and the Cannes International Film Festival, the renowned Swiss watchmaker and jeweler has been offering immense support to the development of the film industry for a long time. This May, amid the blue waves, on the golden sand beach and in the bright sunshine at Cannes, Piaget presented its fascinating works to resonate with the outstanding films celebrated here, setting off splendid fireworks of art and creating an everlasting fantasy for the whole world to enjoy.

Chinese movie actress Hao Lei wearing Piaget jewels at Cannes 2012 Film Festival
Hao Lei shot with Piaget Limelight Garden Party white gold necklace and bracelet
Hao Lei glitters with Piaget Jewellery at Cannes 2012 Film Festival