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Gong Li presents Limelight Gala collection

The 1960s were known as a golden age pervaded by a resolutely fanciful spirit. As the leader of that legendary era, Piaget gave full play to its creative talent and adorned the elegant women of the time with dazzling jewellery watches. In 2013, the newly launched Piaget Limelight Gala collection draws a wealth of inspiration from this fascinating period and establishes itself as the new Piaget icon.

Entirely in tune with its incomparable aesthetic, sensual curves and precious gem-setting, it reveals a distinctive personality imbued with a sense of glamorous chic. At the crossroads of art, design and jewellery, Piaget once again brings the classical watches of the 1960s to life, interpreting the eternal glamour of the time. Meanwhile, Piaget has also found an ideal presenter for its excellent works – Brand Ambassador Gong Li stands as the epitome of modern women who best showcases the ultimate femininity of the time. The picture epic of Limelight Gala collection featured by Gong Li reveals the utmost glamour and radiance of the perfect pair.

As so far the only Chinese actress in the world’s three largest International Film Festivals who won individual awards, Gong Li’s global actress status is unparalleled, yet she remains understated, making continuous efforts and remaining self-disciplined as always. Gong Li’s positive and graceful attitude is just what Piaget values the most in her. Without uttering a word, she effortlessly portrays the sensual allure of feminine beauty through the gently slanted eyebrow or the slightly raised corner of the mouth. Her elegant demeanor and composure is simply beyond description.

Adorned with Piaget’s Limelight Gala white gold watch, Gong Li looks quite natural with the outfit. The beautiful pictures are taken with so much ease and she exudes the ultimate femininity with every gesture she takes while the whole series of photos comes as an authentic depiction of her real self. The dial is designed with a simplistic style, whose flowing silhouette offers a happy surprise. Black Roman numerals hour display is matched by refined black satin strap, bringing out the understated character of Gong Li. In another epic, Gong Li is adorned with Piaget’s white gold Limelight Gala watch paved with diamonds, from the bezel to the dial and the bracelet, the watch is truly a splendid creation combining the art of timepiece with the diamonds’ aesthetic. Imbued with glamorous luster, the watch resonates powerfully with Gong Li’s vibrant, alluring ultimate femininity and distinctive personality.

Brilliant, vibrant and seductive: three adjectives perfectly suited to the new icon by Piaget. It releases time from its habitual linearity, instead placing it within an absolutely feminine curve. Its round case is sublimated by two elegantly extended lugs and the voluptuous nature of its silhouette is accentuated by a bezel set with a row of progressively sized brilliant-cut diamonds. Its pure, understated dial radiates an extremely contemporary aura of femininity featuring black Roman numerals matching the refined satin strap.

The creation of the Limelight Gala watch was entirely conducted within the Piaget Manufacture from the initial sketch to the design and right the way through to the shaping and finishing of the case. Only a few fully integrated Manufactures are capable of handling such a mission in-house. Loyal to the very essence of Piaget, all our artisans have honoured the House style with passionate dedication, witnessing the originality of the Limelight Gala watch. A subtle heritage from the wild years of the 1960s and an authentic contemporary signature embody absolute femininity. A watch destined to remain a muse that finds its way smoothly through decades, while leaving its own indelible imprint on its times.

Without departing from its precious inheritance of bold design and fine craftsmanship, Piaget Limelight Gala has become an important member of Piaget jewellery watches family. The elegantly and uniquely shaped lugs will also usher in another signature product line by Piaget. It is our hope that items of Limelight Gala collection will bloom in brilliance on the wrists of women and add unique brilliance to their distinctive characters.