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Ellerstina Piaget’s Triumph

Piaget Ellerstina team during the Argentina Parlermo Open

In the second match of the day, a reshuffled Ellerstina lineup, with Nachi Du Plessis replacing the injured Mariano Aguerre, charged out to a one-sided 10-4 halftime lead before coasting to a 16-12 win over the La Aguada/Las Monjitas team (Lucas James, Magoo Laprida, Eduardo Novillo Astrada and Alejandro Novillo Astrada).

Ellerstina left Du Plessis was left to defend while the Pieres brothers took charge of La Aguada/Las Monjitas. Ellerstina took the early 3-1 lead, extending it to four goals, 6-2, in the second chukker.

La Aguada/Las Monjitas finally got back on track in the third chukker. Matching Ellerstina goal for goal, La Aguada/Las Monjitas appeared to get their bearings in the third, but Ellerstina erased that notion in the fourth chukker. Shutout defense and two goals extended the Ellerstina lead to six goals at the end of the first half, 10-4.

While La Aguada/Las Monjitas tried to claw their way back into the game in the second half, Ellerstina continued to attack. Four more goals in the fifth period were answered by a single goal. The lead grew to nine goals, 14-5, with just three chukkers left to play.

La Aguada/Las Monjitas outscored Ellerstina 4-2 in the final two chukkers of the game, but Ellerstina was content as they coasted to their 16-12 victory.

Score Ellerstina Piaget: 3-1, 6-2, 8-4, 10-4, 14-5, 14-8, 15-10, 16-12

Ellerstina Piaget Scorers: Facundo Pieres 9 (6 on penalty shots), Gonzalo Pieres Jr. 3, Nicolás Pieres 3, Nachi du Plessis 1‎

Nico Pieres: We're very happy, we needed to play a game like this. Despite the fact that they came close in the sixth chukker, we could remain in control. Now we have to see how Mariano does during the week and gets ready for such a tough game against Alegria. I guess the most important thing was having a wide lead in the first chukkers. That helped us to relax a bit in the last chukkers. I felt very comfortable to play as a 3, we decided it after a practice; with such change, the team worked better and we could make a huge improvement in our team play. Nachi's contributions today were very important as well. He's one of the most powerful guys in polo and played very well. We have to go step by step; we have a tough semifinal against Alegria, so we're already thinking about next Sunday.

Gonzalo Pieres Jr.: The Karateca was lent to me by Nico. I am very happy with her - she performs extremely well and deserves the Polo Breeders award. She's the daughter of Karenza and Sunset; very easy to play, she is a really wonderful mare. Her mother was very good, but I think the daughter is even better.

Piaget Ellerstina team member
Piaget Ellerstina team member
Piaget Ellerstina team member about to shoot
Piaget Ellerstina team member about to shoot
Piaget Ellerstina team member about to shoot

121st Argentina Palermo Open

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This past Sunday, both teams played a great match on field 2 at Palermo. Chapaleufu, (which consisted of four Heguys - brothers Pepe, Eduardo and Nachi, plus their cousin Bautista; who had not played together at Palermo since 1999), displayed a great team performance and made things quite difficult for the black jerseys.

121st Hurlingham HSBC Open

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Gonzalito Pieres and Mariano Aguerre gave Ellerstina Piaget 8 points after a difficult win against La Aguada with a 14-12 score, in the 121st Hurlingham Open B League decider.