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121st Hurlingham HSBC Open

Piaget Ellerstina Team getting ready for the game
Polo players
Gonzalito Pieres playing polo during Hurlingham Open
Facundo Pieres during Hurlingham Open

Ellerstina Piaget 14 - La Aguada 12
Gonzalito Pieres and Mariano Aguerre gave Ellerstina Piaget 8 points after a difficult win against La Aguada with a 14-12 score, in the 121st Hurlingham Open B League decider. Therefore, the black jerseys will have the opportunity to have a rematch against La Dolfina, in a new chapter of the saga...

The scoreboard showed a very even match, which featured many field goals and just five of these were scored on penalty conversions. However, La Aguada dominated the first half, and Ellerstina Piaget made a comeback in the second part, to decide the challenge in their favor in the last two chukkers. Miguel Novillo Astrada and Sapo Caset, were La Aguada's dominating force. By the third chukker, Caset already had scored three goals, when he was hit with a mallet by accident in his mouth, causing him to lose a tooth. Despite the injury, Sapo rode back onto the field and managed to take over, producing a total of nine goals, including a powerful, fantastic neckshot in the seventh chukker, to tie at 10-all.

Following a 4-4 tie in the third chukker, there was a change in the fourth episode: La Aguada scored three consecutive goals to take a 7-5 lead by half time.

A new goal by Sapo Caset widened La Aguada's advantage to 8-5 by the start of the fifth chukker. Many thought that La Aguada was on the way to meet La Dolfina in the final, but Ellerstina Piaget had certainly other ideas in mind: they scored three unanswered goals to tie at 8-all.

Gonzalito Pieres was the black jerseys' key man; he scored a total of four goals in the four last chukkers, starting at the end of the sixth period to secure Ellerstina Piaget an 11-10 advantage. From then on, the boys in black would remain in the lead until the final bell. They held La Aguada scoreless in the seventh chukker, while Gonzalito and Facundo scored one goal each to widen the lead to 13-10. It was Gonzalito again who was in charge of scoring 14-10 for Ellerstina Piaget by the start of the last chukker.

However, La Aguada put enough pressure in those last minutes of play; Sapo Caset scored twice, but there was no more time. It was a 14-12 win for Ellerstina Piaget, with a spot into the final, where La Dolfina already awaits.

Ellerstina Piaget scores: 2-2, 3-4, 4-4, 5-7, 8-8, 11-10, 13-10, 14-12

Scorers: Facundo Pieres 7 (3 penalties), Gonzalo Pieres Jr. 4, Mariano Aguerre 1, Nicolás Pieres 2 (1 penalty).

Gonzalito Pieres: From 1 to 10, today I gave Ellerstina an 8. We can play 10 points, we are still lacking a bit, but today we played a very tough opponent, who was playing an amazing Hurlingham Open. La Aguada is a tough team with 36 goals. It was of great merit to us having a slow start and being able to turn everything around...even though I do not know if it was because they played better. The truth is on the field they were very brave, La Aguada is playing very well.

Regarding the final and a rematch against La Dolfina, I would say the result in Tortugas was massive, but inside the field there were situations we did not know how to handle, these type of things cannot happen in a game like this. We should have played with the attitude with which we played today during the last four chukkers. Today I think we turned the corner, it was the best of the season – we’ve had good and bad games; but perhaps at the end of Tortugas we lacked a little more support and attitude.

I saw the La Dolfina vs. Alegria match. I thought Alegria played very well and La Dolfina was waking up slowly. It would be much better if they played this way against us!!! (laughing) Speaking seriously though, we know that we can play much better than we did at the end of Tortugas, if we could play as we did at the end of Palermo in 2012 - if we play this way, we will win.

Mariano Aguerre: Today I gave a good score to Ellerstina. We can play better, so I'm not going to say it was 10 but it was an 8. Especially since we beat a good team, and we reversed the result – it became a positive day that could have been negative. Now we have the possibility of playing against La Dolfina in another rematch.

La Dolfina played very well in Tortugas; they seemed unbeatable, but yesterday they seemed vulnerable against Alegria. The matches have to be played, and the finales have to be played; we will go to battle and hopefully that will be enough.

Gonzalito Pieres getting ready to play polo
Ellerstina Piaget polo player ready to shoot
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Gonzalito Pieres just about to shoot
Ellerstina Piaget polo team players
Gonzalito Pieres and Mariano Aguerre